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Don't Pay Commercial Rates for Residential Tree Services!

        I specialize in residential property and I WILL save you money.  No need to pay more to the large tree services with huge crews and lots of overhead.  I have over 20-years experience in the tree business. Call me if you need trees trimmed or removed, shrubs or your hedges trimmed.

    Why trim dead branches or take down dead trees?  In addition to "curb appeal" many times the dead  branches or trees are host to diseases or insects that will spread to the healthy trees or shrubs and cause  them to die as well.  Dead tree branches as well as dead or dying trees are perfect places for ants, termites  and other insects that can make their way into your home which can be very expensive to treat and get rid  of.  Remember trees and shrubs are expensive to replace so call me for a free no obligation estimate.

    Why call Happy Tree Trimming?  I will treat you as I want to be treated.  My livelihood depends on giving  you outstanding service at a reasonable price.  It is more than just cutting the trees and shrubs; its doing it  so no further damage is done. Doing the job right doesn't cost one cent more.  Inexperience workers can  cause damage to healthy trees and shrubs.  

Serving Parker County, Weatherford and Surrounding Areas
 Specializing in Tree Trimming and Ornamental Pruning
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 Call me if you have dead, dying or diseased branches - Trees and Shrubs are expensive to replace 
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    I accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover on most jobs.  Please inquire on any limitations prior to the beginning of any work.  Thank you. 
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